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Stan Jennifer Bee
“Pure Rock-n-roll soul” and “She rocks it.” That's what people say about this powerhouse entertainer. With dynamic lead vocals and energetic back-up, this Wooster area girl will bring the house to their feet. Inspired by her musical family, she is accomplished both on stage and in the studio. But her favorite thing is the live audience. Known for her Janis Joplin style and Patsy Cline slide, she is sure to touch your heart.
Stan Toby Hazlett
Toby has performed in a wide variety of venues as a guitarist and bassist. From solo to full orchestra, he has been playing publicly since he was 14 years old. He records and produces in his home studio, Sprouted Acorn Studios in Charm. He teaches guitar and bass at Larry's Music Center in Millersburg. In addition to his solid bass work for SOBOS, he also skillfully handles much of the vocal work.
Stan Rick Cicconetti
Rick is an accomplished guitarist, keyboardist and music instructor. He also helps out with vocal duties. He loves all types of music, including jazz and rock. A long time musical fixture in Wooster, his influences include the Beatles and Miles Davis. His three sons are also skilled musicians, playing together in the band Reddy Freddy.
Stan Bob Collard
Bob is originally from Wooster, but headed west years ago....all the way to Mansfield. Bob has played guitar most of his life, and cites the esteemed Eric Clapton as his teacher (indirectly). Bob has a strong blues background, and brings a unique flavor to the group.
Stan Stan Berry
Drummers are unique individuals, and Stan is no exception! Keeping the band together with precision and energy is a fun night for him. He is a Wooster native, with drumming influences including Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Phil Collins, etc. Stan rocks out on vintage Rogers drums, which he collects and restores. When she's available, his daughter Karly plays saxophone with SOBOS.